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Overview Edit

Chōji can enter this mode by converting the calories of his body into chakra, which he can then use to perform techniques. The chakra is shaped into two large butterfly wings, and then compressed into smaller wings. In this form, he can use some of his clan's high-level techniques, such as the Butterfly Bullet Bombing and also combine it with othertechniques.

There are two methods of entering this mode. The first is through use of the Akimichi's Three Coloured Pills, which aggressively convert all of the user's calories into chakra; if the pills are not regulated properly, the user may die from the rapid weight loss. Practised users are able to convert their calories into chakra on their own through a process known asCalorie Control (カロリーコントロール , Karorī Kontorōru); because they are in complete control of how much of their body weight is turned into chakra, it poses less of a risk to the user.

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