Madara crea un Escudo
Esfera Busca da Verdade

Balls of Truth Search are malleable black balls of chakra that are composed of all five transformations of basic nature, including the Yin-Yang Release, [2] [3] and the Senjutsu of the Six Paths, [4] [5 ] having the ability to cancel all forms of ninjutsu.

Contents [hide] Use Variant forms Disadvantages Curiosities References use Edit Balls of Truth Search can be molded into various shapes, allowing them to be used for offensive, defensive and complementary purposes. Obito graduated walks, taking them into holes that temporarily formed hands, [6] while the other members resigned this process and simply seized. [7] The beads may involve the user to serve as a defensive shield, [ 8] or be released to serve as high-speed projectiles. [9] They are also capable of causing explosions by rapid expansion in size. [10]

According to Hiruzen Sarutobi, this technique uses attacks that instantly transform your target in the dust, acting on a basis similar to Dust release, but at a higher level in terms of transformation of the form, allowing it to be constantly used for purposes offensive or defensive, although he also noted that it can not retain its shape for a long time. [11] Hiruzen also notes that it is beyond both kekkei genkai and kekkei Tota, comprising at least four changes of different nature. [11] at a later time, Tobirama Senju assumes that this technique could be based on the Yin-Yang release that transforms ninjutsu anything. He continues to say that if technical reach an individual reincarnated, his injury would not recover and would die, regardless of their immortality. [12] However, for unknown reasons, the balls Search Obito Truth not canceled ninjutsu before him gain control over the power of Ten-Tails. [13]

Obito used the substantia nigra as chakra receivers, throwing them in six directions to perform Six Red Formations Yang. [14] The beads can also be used to create the Nunoboko sword. [15] The technique is highly durable only taking damage caused by extremely powerful techniques such as Dusk Elephant and a Beast Ball Train reinforced with senjutsu [16] [17] according to Sasuke, Naruto balls are made by the "wise technique of the Six Paths "(六道 の 仙人 チ ャ ク ラ, Rikudo in Sage Chakura). [18] When Kaguya called a huge ball of Truth Search, Black Zetsu noted that it could be used to create a new dimension. [19]

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